Did You Reach Your 2011 Goals?

At our age, we’ve been through a few hundred New Years’ resolutions. You’d think by now it would have resulted in all of us being thin, healthy and accomplished.

Last year, I wrote about setting goals and having something to show at the end of 2o11. I didn’t do everything, but I came close. For example, I didn’t publish my book, but I did revise it with the help of a great, wonderful editor, and now I’m vetting agents. So that feels good.

I’ve hung onto my Weight Watchers accomplishment – barely. With all the holiday eating I lost my way but sure had fun! And since all of America is embarking on a “lose weight, get fit” journey this month, the energy is palpable. I’ll ride that wave for a few months until everybody drops out in March, but by then I’ll be back at my goal weight.

I decided to have one goal for 2012, just one, and I’m pretty excited about it: to embark on my own personal Creativity Training Camp. Let me explain. Back in October I freaked out when I learned that alcohol can increase your risk of breast cancer. (If you want to know more, read this.) So I cut WAY back, to almost nothing.

There was another element to my healthful period: exercise. According to the 20-year long Nurses Health Study, walking three hours a week can reduce your risk of cancer and improve just about everything else in your health profile. So I did that for a month, too. I kept track on my calendar and achieved 180 minutes a week, one way or the other. I either went to the gym, or walked or rode my bike around the neighborhood, or swam.

It was fantastic. I slept well, my creativity and curiosity shot through the roof, and I was less anxious and more peaceful and productive. Then Thanksgiving hit, and the holiday decadence began. Whoopee! I sure did enjoy all those calories. Yum.

But now I’m back to restless sleep, anxiety, and stupid-brain, which is not going to help me at all as I embark on the rough draft of my new book, Golden Years My Ass. Yes, that’s the title, for now anyway. I want to enjoy the process of creating and writing, and to return to that place before the holidays where I felt so calm, happy and productive, so that’s my only goal: Creativity Training Camp. I’ll go back to the regime I started before the holidays. If you’d like to join me by creating your own version, let us know about it.

How do we motivate ourselves?

You probably know that fear is not an effective motivator. Even fear of death can’t make us do anything after the novelty of the thought wears off. What is a motivator is the thought of a positive outcome, and that’s what’s I keep in my mind. I already know how good I’m going to feel if as I stick with my Creativity Training Camp program. I’m already looking forward to the inspirational lightbulbs going off in my brain.

How about you? Are you resolved to make a change or do something new in 2012?

Note from last week’s contest: I hope you don’t think I’ve been ignoring your awesome responses, but I didn’t want to influence anybody who might sense a route to win the $25 gift card and two free books. Thus I’ve refrained from commenting to any great extent. While I appreciated all of your thoughtful comments, I felt that Dr. Lee would be the most excited about Marilyn Patrick’s past life recollections, so I am going to award her the prize. Thanks so much for participating, and happy new year!


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    HI Lynne,
    I’m a little late on this response but it was an interesting exercise for me to review the 14 goals I had set for 2011. I still need to be consistent about exercising 4 days/week, plant flowers and finish the first draft of my memoir. 11/14 “ain’t” bad. I think the main reason is goal #13- I retired from nursing!! It really does help to writer specific goals down so you can feel a sense of accomplishment when you see it in black and white.
    Onward into 2012. I’d still like to do that video interview with you :-) Just saying…

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    Like Debbie, I didn’t accomplish the things on my 2011 to do list. Heck, I didn’t accomplish any of them! As a result, I’ve decided to keep it simple: one thing on the list this year. And that’s to eat healthier. Something tells me I’m doing my body a disservice by not consuming anything but coffee until 6pm. That said, I only drink an occasional glass of wine with dinner and walk my dog three times a day, so I think that should help with my creativity and everything else in between! :)

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      Hi Bella! Walking is so helpful. I read that walking 3 hours a week at moderate (comfortable pace but not able to carry on a conversation easily at the same time) pace resulted in a 26-40% reduction in breast cancer returning when survivors are in remission. So if it can do that, it must be like a huge defense against disease. Happy walking!

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    Creativity Training Camp sounds like a doable, interesting “resolution” for the new year, Lynne. I, too, didn’t accomplish all the things on my “to do” list for 2011, but the most interesting ones (especially regarding my novels-in-progress!) will simply move to 2012!

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    As soon as, if ever, I recover from jet lag, I’ll set those goals. Loved your Creativity Training Camp idea…where do I sign up? Can’t wait to read your book!

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