Boomers Gone Wild

I feel guilty sometimes that I’m retired and don’t have to work so hard. I see my kids doing what I used to do and somehow, it seems harder. I remember working six days a week back then, but I still feel for them, probably because at 57 I don’t have the same energy level. And I’ve lived through drama and fought upon battlefields that, while new and exciting to them, would kill me to have to revisit. So I laughed at this Mother’s Day article, “62 Going on 22″ by Jessica Grose. Jessica is just entering the young adult world, working her tail off and looking forward, when she has a spare molecule of energy, to marrying and starting a family. Her parents, on the other hand, are beginning to enjoy the carefree adulthood they never had. I know the feeling exactly and enjoyed reading the article. You may as well. Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Sonia says

    Thank you for blogging, I enjoy reading your articles. It seems hard to find many blogs out there written by people my age (50-something!) who have parents of a similar age (Mom is 89, Dad is 90). You have a great sense of humor!

  2. says

    What a delightful story from Jessica. I aspire to have the same amount of fun and freedom when I retire (very soon!) Just the thought of it makes me feel happy and carefree. Thanks for sharing and Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. says

    Great story from Jessica! Would that all of us could enjoy such a carefree retirement. Unfortunately, far too many are worn-out, with compromised health, burdensome care-giving responsibilities, and too-few financial resources. But it was fun seeing both sides of the “Boomers Gone Wild” spectrum!

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