This is What Boomer Retirement Looks Like

My friend Nanci just retired from a career in public education, first as an elementary school teacher and then as principal. We met in the eighties when we worked for the Jurupa Unified School District in Riverside, California. Here’s what Nanci did to kick-start her retirement:

Holy shxx!!!

Who took these pictures?! Dude’s an awesome multi-tasker.

Ta da!

Sure, you’re laughing now.

Nanci, thanks for sharing your experience with us. You always did set the bar high, for yourself first and then your staff and students. All of your friends at Any Shiny Thing wish you a joyous retirement. Looks like you’re off to a flying start.


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    just saw your many comments on huffington post and i have to say i agree and second them entirely ..especially the ones on elizabeth warren….i admire the lady’s spunk and wish she were my senaator instead of rubio !! i also sent contribution to her campaign in mass.!!…i dont have a website but am at…keep up he great work….semper fi form an old marine!

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      No, Pat, I was a central office person – I was the director of classified (non-teaching) personnel. I had the privilege of hiring secretaries, bus drivers, grounds staff, etc. My son, DIL, and stepdaughter are all teachers or in classroom jobs, though, so I kind of feel like I should be considered an honorary teacher!

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    Nanci sounds awesome!! Good for her, doing something most of us fear and actually enjoying it. She sounds like an excellent role model, first for her students and staff, now for the rest of us!

  3. nanci says

    Thanks Lynne,
    Posting the pics makes it seem even more exciting and real. I didn’t thnk of it as an entry into retirement, but you are right. I’m sure the rest won’t be this crazy, but I am looking forward to having the time to do more things that I want to do. I am already taking yoga, meditation and watercolor lessons (not all at the same time!) Life is good!
    To anyone who is interested, jumping isn’t as scary as it may seem and it makes you feel like you can do pretty much anything!

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    Wow Nanci, you really did take a giant leap,literally! Bravo for honoring this rite of passage with such flair and thank you,Lynne, for sharing Nanci’s adventuresome spirit and exhilarating plunge into this exciting phase of her life. I loved it~WHEEEE :-)

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    Wow, Go Nanci!!! Sky diving is not on my bucket list, but I love to see other boomer thrill seekers spreading their wings!!

    Thanks for the pics.


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