Happy Friday

It finally happened. After hundreds of posts, one every Friday (and then some) for the past few years, I missed a deadline. You can blame my boss. Here he is:

I think you’ll agree, this dude’s fearsome. You can’t slack off for a second or you’re out the door. So I apologize, but my drafts are still drafty. I got nuthin’.

Have a great week, my friends.


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    Aww, too cute, Lynne! I think this is what they mean when they say Life sometimes gets in the way of work! Looks like you chose the better option, though. Happy weekend!

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    Totally understand…My boss had me busy this week too..I’d include his pic but don’t think I can—Let’s just say, he’s a contemporary of your boss, and like him, mine is fierce, too! A real slave driver…:)

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    Ha! Have you seen or read The Boss Baby, by Frazee? To quote, “he’s just as capricious and demanding as any CEO. From the moment he arrived, it was obvious he was the boss.”
    Such a cute book.
    Such a cute “boss” you have….although he just looks like he’d charm your socks off. And I love his monkey side-kick.

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