What happens when the little girl grows up?

In a coming-of-age story, the main character fights to figure out who she wants to be when she grows up. She fights for opportunities, an education, a career, the guy, the house, the family…

But then what? After you win the guy, raise the kids, do the career, and finally think you know who you are, at last – everything changes. You’re not happy anymore. You fought your battles, you won the war, now what?

Things would change, if you had the guts. If you were more afraid of being stuck than of trying something new, starting over. Finding yourself again. That’s what I write about.

The MIDLIFE coming-of-age-story.

Because more than almost anything, I’m afraid of being on my deathbed thinking, “I did it wrong! I chased the wrong stuff! I let myself be dominated by stupid rules or stupid people because I was a good girl.”

I fear sleepwalking.

That’s why I write COA stories for people of middle age and older. There are huge, horrendous issues and questions, and astonishing opportunities for growth, facing us at this age. Yet the only thing you see at the movies and mostly, in fiction, is COA stories about kids.

Not that they don’t have merit. But I’ve been there. I’m sixty. I’m not worried about finding a guy or raising my kids. I’m interested in big new questions like these. 

I wrote Dakota Blues because I wanted to explore those questions. Here’s my view of aging, which is becoming more common but it’s still pretty rare:

  • I believe we’re more powerful because of age.
  • I reject the premise that everything young is good, and everything old is bad.
  • I believe older people should send back messages from the front.
  • I want to figure out how to enjoy aging, instead of pretending it isn’t happening.
  • I refuse to apologize for getting old.

After years in corporate America, I realized my lifetime dream and became a full time writer. At first, I freelanced a bit, but then I published Dakota Blues. I’m proud of it. You can see the trailer and read more about it here.

Now that my first book is published, I am working hard on my next one. I also try to express my message of optimism through other channels, like speaking to groups, clubs, and corporate or social events. It’s my pleasure to jabber happily about this core belief: life is better after fifty.

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