I wrote Dakota Blues, in part, because I wanted to express my optimism about aging. I also enjoy speaking to groups, book clubs, and corporate or social events. It’s my pleasure to share this core belief: life is better after fifty.

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In the traditional coming-of-age story, the main character has to figure out who she wants to be when she grows up. She struggles to earn an education, develop a career, find a life partner, establish a home, start a family…

But then what? After you’ve lived through your first coming-of-age, you reach a place where you think you have it figured out, but then life changes. Maybe you’re not happy anymore. Something’s missing – or you’ve been dealt a tough hand. What happens now?

That’s the midlife coming-of-age story!

This is the time of life that fascinates me, because I’m afraid of coming to the end of my life and thinking I wasted it. Maybe I chased after the wrong goals, or followed stupid rules, or didn’t see what was right in front of my face.

I fear sleepwalking.

That’s why I write COA stories for people of middle age and older. We deal with huge, life-changing issues and questions, and we also have incredible opportunity for growth, if we’re not afraid to take a chance.

Most popular fiction, whether in movies or stories, relates to the first COA story, the one about youth. Not that they’re not interesting, but I’ve been there. I’m not worried about finding a guy or raising my kids. Instead, I’m interested in big new questions like these. I suspect you are, too.

Here’s my view of aging:

  • I believe we’re more powerful because of age.
  • I reject the premise that everything young is good, and everything old is bad.
  • I believe older people should send back messages from the front.
  • I want to figure out how to enjoy aging, instead of pretending it isn’t happening.
  • I refuse to apologize for getting old.

If you feel the same way, and like me, you see aging as filled with opportunity, please check out my book and my blog, and join the conversation. There’s only one rule here at AnyShinyThing.com: No Sleepwalking.